Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LIVE from the NYPL and National Geographic's "Risker Takers" - It was FASCINATING!

Recently, I attended the sold out presentation and discussion entitled "Risk Takers" presented by LIVE at the New York Public Library in NYC! Wow, was it fascinating!

The event was held in honor of National Geographic celebrating their 125 anniversary. They are celebrating all year long using the theme, "the new age of exploration." This definitely coincides with my #dontsithome mantra!

The event at the New York Public Library located near Bryant Park started with fantastic presentations by two National Geographic explorers, Dr. Zoltan Takas and Enric Sala. Takas travels the world studying the most venomous creatures and Sala lead's National Geographic's Pristine Seas project and discussed the risks associated with ocean exploring. 

Dr. Zoltan Takas
Enric Sala
They brought intelligence, humor, and their great personalities into their presentations of their fascinating work! It was not only educational, but truly enjoyable.
National Geographic Magazine Editor in Chief, Chris Johns
After a short speech from National Geographic Magazine's Editor in Chief, Chris Jones, journalist and TV personality, Ann Curry, curated a conversation with photographers James Nachtwey and Lynsey Addario.

Left to Right: James Nachtwey, Ann Curry & Lynsey Addario
They discussed the risks of war photography and all that goes into the photos that you see in the newspapers, online, on TV, etc.. Not everyone has a realistic perspective of the preparation, dangers, risk and effects that go along with images brought to you from war and conflict. I can guarantee many of the audience members will not look at images of war the same way again.

Stories were told of the physical harm one can experience being captured, the emotional toll photographers can experience, the issues around women photographers in conflict, how to quickly capture amazing photos in such intense/fast pace situations, and much more. 

This was a great event and I'm so happy I attended! When similar events pop up and pique your interest, even in the slightest, jump at the chance! If they are a once in a lifetime event, why not go and check it out? #dontishome! Some chances you will never have again.

To find out more information about National geographic's 125 anniversary and to see a fascinating timeline, photos, stories and more, check out their website:

Walked through the wonderful Bryant Park
on the way back to the train.
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