Friday, March 15, 2013

My Favorite @dontsithome Photo Posts From 3/8-14/2013

I decided to share some of my favorite iPhone photos from the past week!

I switched up my morning commute during last Friday's snowfall and walk through Church Square Park in Hoboken, NJ on my way to the Path train. I'm so happy I made for beautiful photos!

Church Square Park
This photo is of the steps next door to my apartment during the snow...I just love the gate detail.

Steps Of Hoboken
Who would think the below photo was taken the same day as the photos above? After having a heavy snowfall during the day, it amazingly all cleared out by the end of the work day.

Calm After The Storm
I decided to head out to the uptown pier in Hoboken last Saturday and take the Ferry to NYC. The sky couldn't have been clearer and it was such a beautiful day!

Framed NYC
Commuting In Style
Voyage To NYC
Last weekend I attended a few Armoy Arts Week events at a few galleries in Chelsea in Manhattan

Andrea Meislin Gallery
This is the view from my office...seriously. How much better could it get?

My Work View Of NYC
After a very rainy day last week, fog and puddles lingered in NYC and Hoboken.

Foggy Empire State Building
Reflection on Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ
Another shot of the awesome view I have from my office....which includes a clear view of the Freedom Tower. This was taken from our terrace where I often enjoy lunch during the warm weather months.

Freedom Tower From A Distance
This is an older photo of mine. I was trying to channel spring thoughts since it is around the corner! This poppy flower photo was taken during one of my many trips to Duke Farms last year. If you love taking photos, you would definitely enjoy a trip to Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ.

Poppy Flower
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