Thursday, February 28, 2013

Urban Girl Squad Event Ticket Giveaway!

The first giveaway for Don't Sit Home!

5 tickets have been donated by Urban Girl Squad for their Five Year Anniversary Cocktail Networking Party at Slate in NYC! 

Date: Wednesday, March 6

Cocktail Party Event Details:

 How do you win? Tell me what you like to do when you #dontsithome!

Option 1: Facebook

- Comment on Don't Sit Home's giveaway timeline post: Feel free to share!

Option 2: Twitter

- Tweet: @dontsithome. I will retweet your activities., or

Option 3: Blog

- Leave a comment below this post.

All comments and tweets should read:

"My favorite thing to do when I #dontsithome is _________"

1 ticket will be awarded each day at random until Tuesday, March 5th, so keep the comments and tweets rolling!

Urban Girl Squad is a NYC social networking group for women in their 20s and 30s who help bring women together through fantastic events! They organize wine tasting events, cooking lessons, career workshops, spa days, craft events and so much more. 

I will be attending Wednesday's event! If you do not receive the giveaway and/or have friends that would like to attend, please check out their site for ticket information. Come #dontsithome with me and some fabulous women!

Urban Girl Squad

54 W 21st St
New York, NY

There will be a variety of giveaways to come on Don't Sit home. Stay tuned!


  1. My favorite thing to do when I #dontsithome is to go hiking, kayaking, biking or anything else that gets me active!

  2. "My favorite thing to do when I #dontsithome is take dance lessons, or shooping.

  3. Hi Keisha! Thank you for telling me what you like to do when you #dontsithome! Please email with your full name to claim your ticket for Wednesday's Urban Girl Squad 5 year anniversary cocktail party!

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