Monday, February 11, 2013

#dontsithome Meets a VP

I am going to go about this post a little bit differently, because Al Gore tweeted back to @dontsithome! That is powerful tweet!

Nothing has made me happier than seeing my Don't Sit Home name and brand out in the world. I first saw it up in lights when my @dontsithome Instagram account won a photo contest during a free Guinness tasting event in NYC. My photo depicting the event and the Don't Sit Home name was up on a projection screen when they announced the contest winner. It was in front of few hundred felt great! I've had a few re-tweets on twitter, a few shares on Facebook and I wrote a guest article as the blogger behind the Don't Sit Home website/blog and social media experience for Metro Mom's Network. 

And now a Nobel Peace Prize and Oscar winning, Apple board member, former Vice President tweeted @dontsithome? That's awesome!

It came about because I attended "Al Gore in Conversation with Charlie Rose" a few weeks ago at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. It was such a fascinating event! The former Vice President talked about issues from the current state of the environment, where he thinks its headed, the current state of politics, his time as Vice President, his run for the presidency, his business ventures/relationships and various other topics.

Al Gore in Conversation with Charlie Rose
I purchased the ticket that included a signed copy of his new book, The Future. They did not say you had the option of receiving a signed or clean copy since he was going to be conducting a book signing at the conclusion of his interview. I went with a clean copy. Some people took the pre-signed copy of the book which I thought was odd. I think if you have the opportunity to meet a former Vice President and a man who has won a Nobel Peace Prize, you should take it.

My copy of Al Gore's The Future
After the event, I tweeted a photo of Mr. Gore signing my copy of his book to him and thanked him for signing it. And you can see, he answered!

The moral of the story is to take any interesting opportunity you don't know what opportunities it will open up for you. 

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